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The suspension is the unsung hero of your vehicle. It helps keep you pointed in the right direction and smooths out the bumps and dips a road throws your way. When a suspension starts to fail, everyone notices. After all, it’s hard to miss the six major signs:

  • Rough rides
  • Drifting or pulling, especially on turns
  • Nose-diving dips when stopping
  • Uneven tire treads
  • Damaged, greasy-looking shocks
  • A failed bounce test

All of these indicate a suspension issue. For the bounce test, have your gearshift set to park. Move to the front of your vehicle and press heavily on the hood; bounce it a few times before letting go. Does your vehicle continue to bounce or rock 2-3 times or more? The front passed. Repeat with the back.

Many drivers take their shocks and struts for granted. These pieces support tons of metal for years; they won’t last forever. A bad suspension can make your vehicle harder to handle, too, especially in regards to stopping or turnings.

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A worn-down suspension can lead to more pain— in your wallet and in your back. If you notice the roads getting rougher or the steering harder to control, it’s time to call in the experts. It’s time to call in our team at Reliable Auto Repair.

Suspension Repair

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